Noble Legend Von der haus Gill

Legend - The son of Charly Vom Kannhof - 9/11 Medal of Honor

Noble Legend Von der haus Gill, BH, CGC, CERTIFIED K-9 Caring Angel Therapy Dog  

PInnHip - L - 16 R 21 

Scored top 5% best hips of all German Shepards tested 

Elbows - OFA prelem Normal 

DM Clear (carries the recessive gene)

Tested fro 176 other known genetic conditions - CLEAR

Legend is the son of Charly vom Kannhof 

Charly vom Kannhof     (1996-2006)

50% DDR and 50% Czech police working dog. He was titled Sch 3 and was a competitor in USPC.

Certified Police K-9 - Patrol/Explosives multiple times with OPOTA/IPWDA and others.  Charly worked the  world Trade Center on 9/11 and was awarded Medal of Honor for his service.

He also worked for the Secret Service numerous times for Explosives details.

Legend is a large, Black sable male with deep red undertones. He has a full black mask with beautiful piercing eyes.  He is absolutely striking and has a commanding presence.