Jazzmin Vom Haus Rasko


German Import

Breed value 78 (anything less than 100 is excellent)   ZW: 60/79 Super Healthy Hip Value   


Hips Good

Elbows Normal


Tested for 176 other known conditions -CLEAR

Sire: Artus Vom Grauen Ma-Holt IPO3 

Dam: Ellice Vom Haus Rasko IPO3

High Drive prey/play

Highly loyal - serious girl

Jazzmin (call name Eos) is a high drive girl. She loves to work and has great control in her obedience. She is both food and ball driven.  She is loyal to her family and loves to be with her people. I love Eos' clown personality! 

Loyal and serious girl


Eos comes from a long line of IPO3 lineage, You can go back 5 generations on both sire and dam and see all highly-titled dogs.  She has proven to be just as her past pedigree shows  - a strong contender in the IPO sport.

V Hannelore Vom Mack- Zwinger




Dock Diving - JR title 

Hips - OFA, Good 

Elbows - OFA , Normal 

DM Clear (carries the recessive gene)


Sire: Charlie Vom Schweizerhof IPO3

Dam: Elsa Vom Mack-Zwinger IPO3

High drive, High prey/play


Hanna is the perfect representation of the GSD standards.  She is balanced, clear-headed and possesses a temperament that allows for any work or family disciplines - active family dog, scent work, SAR, service work and protection sports! Hanna aims to please and is compliant at any task.   

Excellent competition dog!


Hanna is a wonderful family dog! She loves her family time and is willing to hang out with you on a lazy day, But when you are ready to rock...she is ready to roll!