World Class Working Line German Shepherd Puppies

World Class Working Line German Shepherd Puppies

World Class Working Line German Shepherd PuppiesWorld Class Working Line German Shepherd PuppiesWorld Class Working Line German Shepherd Puppies

Vom Haus Noble German Shepherds


What makes our Champion German Shepherd breeding program better?

Our commitment to the breed!  The German Shepherd Dog is an exceptional dog.  GSDs are able to perform at a high level in many different skills and duties: search and rescue, nose work, protection, herding, service and therapy work, and sport work, all while being loyal and loving pets. A GSD will always have your back!

Unfortunately, poor breeding has created many genetically flawed and sick dogs. These genetically flawed dogs break hearts and bank accounts and destroy the standard of the breed.

Our breeding program is committed to providing genetically sound, clear in the head, true-to-the-breed-dogs, both in body and mind. All our breeding dogs are genetically tested for 176 disease markers to ensure that they will not be subjected to these diseases. All our dogs go though hip and elbow testing and all are titled in Schutzhund or AKC and are certified in police, service or therapy  disciplines.  Our breeding stock are all imported or from imported stock and have outstanding lineage. From a Medal of Honor winner and IPO3-titled dog to a certified narcotics detection and patrol service dog - our GSDs come from highly awarded lines, true to the breed and clear in the head.

We start working with our puppies the day they are born. 

They receive early neurological stimulation:

They are introduced to sounds of city noises and thunderstorms starting the third week - these sounds are introduced very quietly at the beginning and increase over time.

We "play" as soon as they are able, working their natural drive and building confidence.

They get a head start on the housebreaking process: 

At 4 weeks we introduce a "litter" box and at 6 weeks we move to outside potty breaks.

We begin crate training at 6 weeks, with the goal of having them sleeping singly by the time they go to their forever home. You will appreciate this more than you know!

And of course, they are age-appropriate vaccinated, microchipped and thoroughly examined by our veterinarian.

We are so CONFIDENT in our program, we offer a three-year GUARANTEE! 


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